Ausblick auf die Oberstdorfer Berge
Ausblick auf die Oberstdorfer Berge
Wanderfreude im Allgäu
Wanderfreude im Allgäu
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Hiking without limits

The development of trails in Oberstdorf started with the foundation of the Beautification Association in 1872. Since then, the network of trails has been systematically developed and expanded. At present, it is more than 200 km long and most of the trails are specially designed promenades and hiking trails.

Here are a few to choose from:


Mühlenbrücke - Oybelehalle - Kühberg - Oybachmündung - back over the Trettach bridge (Cafe Jägerstand) and at the west side of the Trettach to the Mühlenbrücke.
Height: 814 - 860 m
Length: 3.8 km (round-trip)


Mühlenbrücke - at the west side of the Trettach take the path slightly uphill to the mud bath, passing it on your left via the nature trail to the mud pond - return either following the Hangweg or, after your descent at Loretto, follow the path through the meadow to the Mühlenbrücke.
Height: 814 - 896 m Length: 2.8 km (round-trip)


Mühlenbrücke - Jägerstand - Oybachmündung - Gruben - Zwingbrücke - Gottenried - Pechholz - Spielmannsau (hiking trail from Gottenried to Spielmannsau cannot be accessed in winter) - return either following the Trettach-Dammweg or via the Waldhotel at Christlessee.
Height: 1,003 m
Length: 15 km (round-trip)


Mühlenbrücke - Kühberg - Oytalhaus (5.5 km) – Go back the way you came or, after approx. 20 min., turn left onto the hiking trail (Dr.-Hohenadl-Weg) to the mouth of the Oybach.
Height: 1,009 m
Length: 11 km (round-trip)


(only for proficient ones) Ascent with the Nebelhorn Sky Lift to the mountain station (2nd section) - hike over the Zeigersattel to the Laufbacher Eck (2,179 m) - to the Himmeleck (2,004 m) - Käseralpe (1,400 m) - descent to Oytal (1,009 m).
Duration: approx. 6 - 7 hrs.


Ascent with the Söllereck Sky Lift to Schönblick/Schrattenwang (1,400 m) - hike to Söllereck (1,700 m) - Schlappoldkopf (1,928 m) - then to the Fellhorn summit (2,039 m).
Way back: a) with the Fellhorn Sky Lift back to the valley station Faistenoy
b) descent from the Fellhorn past Schlappoldhöfle - Laiter - Ringang - Schwand to Oberstdorf.
Duration: approx. 5 - 6 hrs.