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Oberstdorf is a real eldorado for people who enjoy bike riding as well as for biking freaks. Both beginners and experienced mountain bikers will have a great time. The routes and trails in our stunning mountain region offer something for everyone.

Tour 1

1.270 m

Route: The route starts on the bicycle path at the entrance to Oberstdorf taking you north to the bridge and across the Breitach. After the bridge, turn left and follow the path to Weidach. Where the paths to Breitachklamm and Tiefenbach part, turn right and follow Kreisstraße via Tiefenbach, past the Reiterhof down to the junction and turn left where the paved Alpine Trading Road (Alpwirtschaftsweg) leads to the Gutswiesertal. The path is at first quite steep, becoming less steep and you continue uphill to the Schwabenalpe - Freyburgeralpe to the Dinigörgenalpe.

Altitude difference: 460 m
Length: approx. 13.5 km
Paving: asphalt
Degree of difficulty:
Driving skills: 2 Condition: 3

Tour 2


Route: Valley station Nebelhornbahn - Schattenbergskistadion - here you turn right, then follow the path uphill a short distance and continue along the paved road to the Oytalhaus. The gravel road will take you past the "Untere Gutenalpe", leading you to the Prinzenkreuz. After you have crossed the stream, approx. 300 m remain to climb. Some parts of the ascent are paved, and the path leads directly past the Stuibenfall and to the Käseralpe.

Altitude difference: 585 m
Length: 12,5 km
Paving: Asphalt, crushed stones and gravel
Degree of difficulty:
Driving skills: 3 Condition: 4

Tour 3:


Route: Follow St. Loretto - Renksteg - Skiflugschanze - Schwandsteige - Ringang. This is where a steep alpine trail with serpentines begins, taking you past the Laiter Mountain Inn to the Schlappoldhöfle. Turn right and follow the paved alpine path (Alpweg) until you reach the Schlappoldalpe at 1,706 m. (Here, the tour ends for mountain bikers. It is prohibited to bike on trails in the Fellhorn area.)
Alternative: from the Schlappoldhöfle, you can take a trip to the end of the valley "Warmatsgund" (the paved road ends here)

Altitude difference: 880 m
Length: 10.5 km
Paving: almost exclusively asphalted
Degree of difficulty:
Driving skills: 3 Condition: 5

MTB Marathon

For freaks, a mountain bike marathon takes place every year.

Further information

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