Erlebnisreichen Tag beim Rafting
Erlebnisreichen Tag beim Rafting
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Outdoor Adventure

How about an exciting day in the High Ropes Garden? You can also experience many other adventures, such as a racy canyoning tour or a Canadian tour in Oberstdorf. The possibilities are unlimited!


Scrambling, jumping and abseiling - follow the adventurous path of the water, experience nature close up and from a totally new perspective. Hiking in the stream, climbing downwards and sliding across eroded rocks gives you a real canyoning-like feeling.

"Join the fun and jump in!" This is followed by a doughty jump into a clear pool. The belts are tightened, the carabiners screwed tight. With his skillfull hands, the experienced and state-certified guide helps the adventurers abseil down. Have confidence in yourself and in the material.

High Ropes Garden

Enter a new dimension of experience!
Here you can fathom your own limits and give them a new definition. Because you are excellently belayed by self-safeguarding and a partner check has been carried out, you can feel confident in taking all the risks. Whether it is the Cable Walk, Burma Bridge or Tension Traverse - skillfulness, balance and creativity are required when you master the multitude of exercises the High Ropes Course gives you. When standing up on the Pamper Pole, you will hardly believe how wobbly things can get. But you will manage it and will elatedly jump into the safety ropes. The final highlight is the Flying Fox - you will glide for 80 m with a pulley from the platform to the bottom. Only flying can top this!


The Iller softly weaves its way through the Allgaeu region.
Without putting high technical demands on the paddlers, the river guarantees an experience of pure nature. At the launch, every participant is given a complete set of safety equipment. After an introduction on how to manoeuvre the stable boats, the adventure can begin. Pleasurable floating is combined with dynamic paddling in small shoots, causing you to join up in small and effective teams. Rescue manoeuvres and river crossings require real team spirit. Everybody joins in to achieve a common aim!